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smalp - is a brand new service commencing late in August 2018, with Fixed Price Newcastle Airport Transfers or Metered Fare to customers within the Maitland, Newcastle and Lake Macquarie Districts, with Services to expand over the coming months. No Surge pricing and a truly Professional experience.

Drivers opening and closing doors for passengers, dressed in Suit and Tie, Bottled Water and Sweets for all passengers with streaming Spotify music.

Here at smalp, we believe that passengers should be pampered while totally enjoying their in vehicle experience. 

We are in discussion with a companies in the USA and Melbourne with the hope that our very own "smalp" app can be up and running within 12 months, then offering your day to day transport needs, still without Surge - same price all day and night during our operating hours.
We can offer booked services for any destination, however there will be a need to contact us so a
quotation can be provided for your requiremements. 
Newcastle Airport Transfers

All Newcastle Airport transfers can have an estimate provided ahead of time, where fixed prices are unavailable.

Estimates provided will be given to you in a range, which may vary for the following reasons which have not been allowed

for within the estimate:

  • Site or Location Fees or Charges

  • Tolls on Tollroads

  • Waiting Time

  • Planned or Unplanned stop overs

  • Road stoppages due to road works, etc


Estimates given will be as per the Kilometres to be travelled and Driving Time. Driving Time and Distance Travelled may

vary from estimates given.

All trips can be metered and prices will vary according to the meter information provided.

All trips include Point to Point & State Government Levies that are compulsory.

An account can be setup for billing and Invoicing, or alternatively a Card reader will be in vehicle to provide the ability to make payment at the completion of the trip. No cash will be accepted or change given.