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Personal Biography (Historical)

With over 40 years experience in the electrical industry, having completed my apprenticeship in the medium scale manufacturing industry sector, moving into the Electrical Distribution industry, then into the Electrical Contracting field for over 35 years.

During my time in the Electrical Contracting industry I have spent over 25 years in the heavy industry sector, Rail Industry, Fire Protection and high voltage up to 33kV, which included Operating (switching), switching instructions, issue & receive Access permits.

During my extensive experience in these industries, I have worked for, or been associated with clients such as, Australian Coal Technologies, Coal & Allied, Patrick, Linx Cargo Care, Lincoln Electric, Whitehaven Coal, Port Waratah Coal Services, Port of Newcastle, Thiess, Daracon, Aurizon, Donhad & Rhomberg Australia to name just a few.

During my career I have had a mix of Supervisory, Project Management and Management positions with a highlight in my career being the winning of the Port Waratah Coal Services Maintenance Contract worth $1.5 - $2.5M per annum for a five-year term. Not directly working on site, my position was to be involved in the hiring, training and overseeing of our Project Manager and Supervisory staff, whilst also completing numerous Tendered projects for the same client with the largest being Dump Station Automation worth in excess of $600K. I have a very high regard for safety and was pleased to oversee in my position 3702 continuous calendar days of LTI free and 3676 continuous calendar days of MTI free.

Personal Biography (Current)
  • Industrial Demolition and Environmental Services (Melbourne)

    • Tender removal of 40 kilometers of 220kV Transmission Lines in 5 Sections from the now demolished Anglesea Power Station to the now demolished Point Henry aluminium smelter.

      • Disconnect and remove ​all transmission lines

      • Demolish 92 Lattice Towers

      • Remove all footings

      • Traffic control for all minor, major roads and highways

      • Public relations.

    • Unfortunately we were unsuccessful in this tender, however gained some great experience and met a number of important contacts in this line of work. ​

  • Major Projects Group (Newcastle)

    • Dismantle Liebherr R994-200 Excavator at Ulan Surface Operations Mine (Glencore), Transportation back to Newcastle (Thornton Yard) and Reassembly in Newcastle.