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May 23, 2018

On the 24th May Authorisation was granted to operate a Hire Car in the State of NSW.


December 04, 2017

Picked up our new personal transport vehicle the new Honda Civic 2017 VTI-S.

This car is a fantastically appointed vehicle with Android Auto and Apple Car Play.

It has a unbelievable 7" High resolution screen which is at the hub of the vehicles entertainment, rear view and side vie camera's, climate control air, phone and vehicle setup system. To say the least it is a clear view of anything within the vehicle.

The outside of the vehicle is sporty in appearance and has sleek clean lines. Low appearance with the sport brilliant blue colour with the black aluminium wheels makes it look truly like a sports car.

Being a mid sized vehicle the new major improvement Honda have made to the Civic it this it's 10th Generation model, is the interior room, being both spacious and comfortable, with the cloth interior being very durable and easy to clean.

I would like to thank Kloster Honda in Hamilton for their attention to detail in the delivery of this vehicle and especially Bruce the Salesperson whom I dealt with during the transaction.  

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April 04, 2018

Tender in Victoria completed and submitted, waiting to win project.

More to follow soon......

Dring Record with Uber

May 11, 2018

238 FIVE Star Trips .......

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